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Our Newest Book, Social Thief soon to be released,shows you how to use social media to steal customers from your competitors.

The Advantage Formula

Your business needs a tailored, planned and coordinated assault on your market. The act of putting a website online and purchasing some ads are not going to make a marketing campaign profitable. This is why we developed the Advantage Formula.

We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and services, your market and your customer.   The motivations which make them buy, the benefits which they seek and the frustrations they have with your competitors.

We make sure we understand what you have done in the past and what you wish to achieve in the future.   Working together we will build you a strategy and a custom tailored blueprint to get your business where you want it to be.

Our process is completely transparent, you will know exactly what we will do for your company, why we are doing it and what exactly our fees are.

Our system consists of the Advantage Formula and it has 4 Advantage Principles. We compare it to firing a weapon or arrow. The point is to ‘Hit the Mark’ and our Advantage Formula helps us achieve this.

The reason most businesses and agencies fail to hit the mark is simply because they jump to Advantage Principle #3, some do attempt Principle #2. However most entirely skip Principle #1, and never consider Principle #4.

So what is the Advantage Formula?

Advantage Principle #1: Get Ready

Consider the example of hunting. If you were to go hunting, you certainly would make sure you knew a few things before going out. You would know what animal you’re looking to hunt, where they hang around, when they hang around there and possibly even what they like to eat. This is what we call the, “Get Ready” Principle. It’s what many business owners and marketing agencies overlook.

The very first thing that needs to be done is to research your market and customer behavior. What makes them buy? What is your competition doing that is working? What are your competitors not doing, that your customers are hoping for? In short what are the psychological trigger factors for your customer. What are the market’s frustrations and gaps and how can we fulfill them. Missing this stage is like going out to hunt and not even knowing what you’re hunting for.

Advantage Principle # 2: Aim

Coming back to our hunting example, it would see foolish of you to shoot your arrow in the animal’s direction before even aiming, crossing your fingers in the hopes of hitting something. Similarly, when hoping to seize the mind and loyalty of your customers and market you need to aim.

We will put together a comprehensive blueprint which will help you dominate your market. We will explain which advertising channels we will use and why we will use them.   In addition to this, how the channels will be used and how they interconnect with the overall strategy will be detailed. Business goals and ad budget will also be discussed and agreed upon. In short we will aim our efforts towards hitting the mark.

Advantage Principle # 3: Fire

Of course when hunting, you will have to fire at some point to ever catch something. This is where most business do well, sort of. They are good at firing unfortunately however in the wrong directions and not always with the most efficient weapons.

This is our execution phase. Here we employ our state of the art tools, vast experience and multitude of resources.

Advantage Principle #4: Adjust

Let’s say you shot your arrow at your prey but missed by a foot. Assuming the animal didn’t move, would it do you any good to continue firing without adjusting? Of course not, you would naturally adjust your position in order to make up for that error.

Firing and re-firing won’t get you anywhere, but that’s unfortunately what most businesses do. Testing, measuring and adjusting is what you should be doing for a successful campaign. It is rare that everything will work exactly as you wished, straight out of the gate. You need to know your metrics, and track everything. Otherwise you’re just shooting blindfolded, proper tracking and measuring will allow you to see where the holes are occurring, and what improvements need to be made in order to “Hit the Mark”.

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